I’m from Maine. A number of years ago a friend told me about this fabulous restaurant up in Rockland where her nephew was working – she said I must go and eat there! A couple of years after that, a friend who lived out on North Haven Island moved into Rockland and was looking for work  got a job waitressing there… and she said I must go! Then, I saw something in the NY Times about it, then Bon Apetit magazine then Downeast magazine and who knows where else…I don’t know about you, but after a while, if I hear too much about a place, I start to get a funny feeling about it. Maybe I’m too late to the game?

Forget about that. Primo, is the real deal. Recently I was reminded of my great night and great meal because the chef, Melissa Kelly won the 2013 James Beard award for Best Chef in the Northeast. The night we went, our meals were comprised of simple salad and pasta or soup and chicken dishes, but what is so wonderful here is that everything is bursting with flavor and freshness! Nothing is ordinary, nothing that looks simple is simple.

The restaurant is in an old house sitting just up on a hillside. You can stroll around the adjacent gardens before dinner and check out what herbs or vegetables you might enjoy in an hour or so. Say hello to the chicken that laid your egg this morning! The food is farmed nearby (excuse me: “locally sourced”), the fish doesn’t get fresher, and it’s a friendly, warm atmosphere. Sit upstairs for more casual dining. This is where they will accommodate walk-ins. The more formal dining is downstairs (although still considered by most to be somewhat casual). It's kind of pricey for my Yankee bones, but it was worth every penny. And, it's very popular, so if you’ll be in the area, plan ahead and make a reservation.

2 South Main Street
Rockland, ME. 04841

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