Some of us attend meetings or conferences half a world away. Some of us yearn for adventure beyond familiar surroundings. In the 21st century, the human species resembles a migratory one: compelled to travel great distances in order to gather together, conduct business, share an experience, or find some rest and relaxation. For many of us, not moving is not an option. This is the powerful concept behind our new brand identity and website design.

We tasked Design & Co. with creating a new brand identity and website for The Travel Collaborative. Using five familiar migratory species (Monarch butterfly, elephant, Canadian goose, tern, and tortoise), D&CO created not just a logo, but a brand identity system that underscores our expertise in getting clients from point A to point B like it’s their second nature.

With TTC, you can go anywhere in the world; the website features backdrops of rich, immersive, full-screen images. The bright, direct design correlates with our ability to provide an effortless experience and personal contact with your travel consultant. Featured content includes our “Top 14 Reasons to Hire TTC”, travel case studies, and our consultant directory.

We hope you enjoy our "migration" to a new brand identity and website.

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